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Here you can find out everything about UtopiaGaming and its projects.

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UtopiaGaming Network

Our main project! We started with the UtopiaGaming network project. We put all our passion into this project! No matter if organization, Discord or similar. Here you can find the structure of Utopia Gaming.

UtopiaGaming Minecraft

We are planning to develop our own Minecraft server. You'll find out more here soon!

UtopiaGaming Hosting

The UtopiaGaming Hosting project is all about providing you with servers as cheaply as possible. - We are very happy to do that! More information on our Discord!

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UtopiaGaming Radio

Probably the poppiest project since the launch of UtopiaGaming 2020! FluffyChaosQueen leads this project with a lot of love and dedication. Just listen for yourself!


Advantages through UtopiaGaming

24/7 Support

For you as a hosting customer, we offer fast, competent, solution-oriented and personal support.

Cooperation with partners

Thanks to the partnerships with some streamers, there is always good entertainment and exciting events.

Active team

In the background, we are constantly working on new systems and ideas to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Scalable hosting solutions for your growth

Our scalable hosting solutions flexibly adapt to your growing requirements without downtime or performance degradation. With automated systems and advanced infrastructure, we guarantee that your hosting will keep pace with your success.

General overview of our offers

Here you can see what we offer and you may also find the prices here.

Minecraft Gameserver | Base price


+1€ per GB RAM

Fair use SSD storage

2 backups included

2 Backups inklusive

Unlimited slots

Free choice of Minecraft version

Game server panel included

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Our Products

What we offer



Dedicated servers

Storage Server

Discord Bot Hosting




etc. (e.g. system integration, order programming)

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In the first year


.de (3,99€ - Then 2,99€)

.eu (5,99€ - OFFER until 31.12. Only 3,99€)

.net (13,99€)

.com (13,99€)

.link (13,99€)

.xyz (22,99€)

.cloud (19,99€)

.ch (9,99€)

.org (13,99€)

.at (12,49€)


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