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Here you can find all the news about our Minecraft server.

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Latest news

Mini Games

We are planning standard mini-games such as SkyWars and Bedwars in our own version, as well as our own versions of DeathRuns and Mario Party

Team SMP

A server is already available for our team, where you can regularly play in normal Survival.

Community Server

Events for our community will also become an integral part of the server. How exactly this will be implemented will be announced in the future.

Coming Soon…

We are currently still programming and developing all the features. Our builders are also working hard to customize the maps. So stay tuned to see what's coming in the future.

People who take care of the Minecraft server

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Management and development


I'm Raphael and the project manager of the Minecraft server. I also help out at UtopiaGaming as a developer and in customer support. I am also involved in management! Under my leadership I try to advance the Minecraft server every day.

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Hey, I'm Kevin, also known as Frulias. I help out at UtopiaGaming, among other things in the Minecraft team, with planning and collecting ideas for game modes, events and much more.

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I'm Pixel and a developer of the UtopiaGaming network. As a developer, I try to advance the Minecraft server a little further every day.

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Management and development


Hello, I'm Noriskky, a developer at UtopiaGaming. I mainly work on the development of our Minecraft server. With over three years of experience in the industry, I have gained knowledge in Java and web development. I am currently expanding my skills and learning SQL and Kotlin.