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The 'UtopiaGaming' project is being planned in detail. The planning will be completed in February 2021. The Discord server 'Utopia Gaming' is created.

March 2021

We are starting with centralization. The first servers are in the process.

April 2021

The UtopiaGaming radio is launched.

July 2021

The UtopiaGaming beta is closed.

August 2021

UtopiaGaming is planning a new start! New concepts are being planned, new team members are being sought and the first partnerships and projects are already underway.

November 2021

UtopiaGaming Hosting is launched. Completely free in the BETA.

December 2021

UtopiaGaming celebrates its first birthday.

January 2022

UtopiaGaming Radio is being revised and new playlists are being added.

April 2022

The UtopiaGaming Discord Server reaches its 200 user mark. The UtopiaGaming business is born.

May 2022

UtopiaGaming will be subject to a charge.

August 2022

UtopiaGaming visits Gamescom.

October 2022

Restructuring of the team in the form of working groups. Server centralization project is officially canceled as not feasible.

December 2022

UtopiaGaming celebrates its second birthday.

January 2023

The merchandise store will be opened and there will be a certificate discount campaign.

March 2023

UtopiaGaming cracks the 300 user mark. The company is also re-registered from sole proprietorship to Pein GbR. The project management is also reorganized and the individual projects are launched.

April 2023

Easter event with Easter eggs. Managing directors' meeting of Johannes, Frederic and Elisabeth with a visit from Maximilian.

June 2023

UtopiaGaming Discord Server has cracked the 400 user mark. The Discord Server has also reached Boost Level 3.

July 2023

UtopiaGaming cracks the 500 user mark.

August 2023

Gamescom event with 10 participants from the team from Wednesday to Sunday.

September 2023

New ticket bot is launched. A new server structure is created, for this we have taken 5 days of maintenance work and had a maximum downtime of 2 hours. We also created a channel for hosting offers (Discord Server).

October 2023

UtopiaGaming joins WhatsApp as a channel. Birthday offers from Fluffy are launched. Halloween is celebrated with special offers.

November 2023

Black Friday offers. UtopiaGaming Advent calendar 2.0 is launched. PaySafe fees are adjusted (from 15% to 12%).

December 2023

UtopiaGaming celebrates its third birthday. Introduction of the direct debit procedure and exclusive Christmas offers.